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self serve pet wash

A Self Serve Wash Includes

  • A guided tour of our facility, plus instructions on how to properly use each product and all of the equipment so you can safely groom your pet.Usage of a waist-high tub that includes either a ramp or steps, so both large and small dogs can easily get inside without you having to lift them.
  • Three separate Self Serve Wash rooms to keep your pet comfortable
  • Waterproof aprons in case your dog splashes you
  • Blowdryers that are forced-air and low-temp to quickly and safely dry your pet
  • Grooming tools, including ear cleaning wipes, combs, brushes, and coat scrubbers
  • You can choose between three different shampoos and two conditioners, designed for different types of coats
  • Our friendly, informative staff is able to address your needs and questions
  • Access to a groomer to perform services that you may be nervous about doing, such as teeth brushing, nail clipping, and ear cleaning

Self Serve Wash Pricing:

  • Itty Bitties: $10
  • Knee Highs: $15
  • Big Deals: $20
  • Bruisers: $22

Extras: With Self Serve Wash:

  • Nail Clipping: $6 (clipping), $9 (Dremel)
  • Clip and Dremel $15
  • Pad Trimming: $8 – $15

Without Self Serve Wash

  • Nail Clipping: $10 (clipping), Clip and Dremel $15
  • Pad Trimming: $10 – $15
For more information, or to schedule an appointment, contact us today at 313-914-7313.
We look forward to meeting you and your pet!